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Concept Specialist Inc.’s one pioneer brand- Sanremo launched “the ground-breaking innovation developed by a team of leading baristas and top technical experts around the world” and while we were waiting for the program to start, we were offered to grab a cup of coffee.

Just like what they would say “to better understand the coffee machine, you must at least try and get a cup of coffee”  I am no coffee expert but I found the cappuccino brewed from the Sanremo Verona RS gave me a thicker consistency which I liked.
San Remo Opera Coffee Machine  (5)Sanremo’s strength is their passion to create coffee machines which will stand out in the market. They constantly innovate their products to produce high-quality coffee machines that will solve every problem of coffee makers today.Sanremo aims to combine the technology available with the genius ideas and skills of their staff to create a machine. A Sanremo coffee machine is not only a machine but every machine is a combined effort of their soul. Every machine is carefully studied by coffee lovers and they promise to be reliable while creating high-quality coffee machines like these below.San Remo Opera Coffee Machine  (1)We have the President of Concept Specialist Inc. the distributor of Sanremo professional espresso machines in the Philippineson on the left who introduced the company to us and SIr Robert Francisco on the right talked about the so called ” third wave coffee concept” The first wave concept is the coffee to consume, this is usually the coffee we get in the morning when we are in a hurry which has an acquired taste with lots of cream and sugar. The second wave of concept is the coffee to enjoy, these are what we all like filled with lots of latte art, different syrups added and some coffee regions are preferred over the other. The third wave of concept is the coffee to appreciate, just like with wine, you have to smell and understand the taste and where each coffee bean is best grown “terroir”.

The third wave of coffee is not only about the ambience with new methods of making your coffee but it is also about consumers starting to appreciate coffee just like how we do it with wine. Consumer nowadays are more interested in learning the beans, the method and more. They like to smell their coffee bean first before it is brewed. Some coffee shops like Craft Coffee ( watch out for my next post ) have a in-house roasting machine because even the level of roasting of the bean is analyzed to further improve a cup of coffee. The new wave shares a more complex process from bean to cup.

Also, third wave coffee shops have baristas who are skilled in explaining the method used. They also have a strong relationship with their farmers and roasters because this is what will set them apart. He ended with ” the second wave businesses will still have their loyal consumers but the third wave businesses is also here to stay”

San Remo Opera Coffee Machine  (7)What we were all waiting for..the baby of SANREMO, the revolutionary Opera machine! My blogger friend, Icah was joking that this might have some wifi access or something and yes it is!
San Remo Opera Coffee Machine  (3)

We have Mr. Ben Stephens (Technical Manager of SANREMO Australia ) introducing in detail the Opera Machine. You can actually make your cup of coffee via bluetooth but of course, nothing will beat the traditonal way of brewing your cup of coffee. The amazing thing about this machine is that you can see the temperature of the boiling water and temperature of the cup of coffee which will be served to you. With also just one push or pull, a new kind of blend can be produced by this Opera coffee machine! This is also very convenient not only for the left-handed or right-handed people but for everyone because the lever for the steam wand can be rotated 360 degrees. Coffee emextraction can be set through/using brew ratio which is more precise to design your own cup of coffee.. San Remo Opera Coffee Machine  (4)A step-by step prcoess from the machine to the cup.San Remo Opera Coffee Machine  (2)This is not just a simple coffee but this was made by the Opera Coffee Machine by Sanremo Philippinines.
San Remo Opera Coffee Machine  (6)To know more about Sanremo Philippines and the Opera Coffee Machine:

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