Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar , Bagac Bataan

Food | 04/20/17

History is something we usually avoid when we are in school, it involves a lot of names and dates to remember.

However, I’ve always been a fan of the cultural heritage of the Philippines. That’s why Filipino movies like El Presidente, Jose Rizal and Heneral Luna are movies I really watch out for. I even remember watching Heneral Luna in NYC alone at the AMC theater just because I can’t miss it! I am always in awe of our history and the deeper meaning of every scene.

Going to Bataan was really a spontaneous trip. We didn’t know what’s in there, where to go and why we did go. All I can say now is I am grateful to have came and had a trip to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar.

Despite the summer heat, I enjoyed it! However, I assure you to wear comfortable clothes and have your essentials like going for a hike.

As part of the Filipino culture, we pay respect to houses by taking off our shoes. So as we entered the houses, we were advised to remove our footwear.

Here’s a preview of what you can see inside Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, I enjoyed this place as much as I enjoyed any theme park. It was nice to see and know the history and culture of our ancestors. The half-day wasn’t enough for me because honestly, more than taking selfies and breathtaking views, I wanted to look at the details of each house if given the time.

Spolarium 2.0.

Most of the people creating the artworks at Hotel de Oriente are women. Given the intricate design, I do believe that women got it!

They have a mini bar near the houses where you can claim your free ice cold bottle of water. They offer various Filipino snacks and coolers but we had no time anymore as we went in as a day tour guest.

One of my favorite scene was the peep hole back then, this is the CCTV of the past. They used this hole to peep through and see their incoming visitors, if they like them, they let them in. If not, they pour something and shoo them away. Haha!

To go around the park, you may also rent a mini golf car. However, we decided to walk and feel the floor design inspired by the houses built around. It was quite hard to walk especially when you are wearing flats.

We also took the Kalesa ride and met kuya Renato and Makisig the horse. The route was quite short since it was already past their working hours. Despite the super bumpy ride, I thank Kuya Renato for being so accomodating and happy. Thank you for making the ride enjoyable, indeed Filipino hospitality is one of a kind!

We also took the balsa tour and we were toured around the estero passing through the Umangol River. It definitely let me feel Venice in this aspect! Good thing, we took this tour last as it was breezy and a great way to end our tour.  Say Hello to my parents who are enjoying the balsa tour after a long day of walking under the summer heat.

We took the P2,000 package inclusive of Heritage walking tour, Hotel de Oriente Tour, Kalesa Ride, Balsa Tour, Free access to the beach, Family Lunch with free bottled water and cold towel.

The family lunch consists of clear soup, fried chicken, grilled fish, chayote and leche flan. So if you want to explore their food, I suggest you take their dinner buffet or try their local cafe and restaurants instead For day tour guests, park closes at 9pm.

Other attractions that we weren’t able to explore due to lack of time were the souvenir shops, Photographia dela Escolta, and Napia Spa.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar


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  • تالا دل سوكورو

    Hi, i have a question. You said that you take the 2,000 peso package right.? Do you mean it’s per head or good for family package i mean the 2,000 peso package.? And also the lunch is inclusive already to the package.? Looking forward your feedback. Thank you.

    • Katrina Cua

      H!! The price is 2k per head :)