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FoodHungry Kats, | 08/04/17

The first ever Unli Food Park to satisfy your hungry and budget self.


Everyone ends with sweet treats, why not we start it for a change? Sweet Nothing offers milkshakes, waffle cones, ice cream, cotton candy soda,wafer ice cream sandwiches and all the drinks that you will need while eating at the park.

Unli Drinks: Bottomless juice of the day P120

Taipei Kita is the first thing that you will see as you enter the park. They are bringing Taiwan’s street food more accessible to you, no visa required!

Unli Dish: Fried Tofu with specialty sauce P120

If you are looking for something Pinoy, we have Tolyo’s soup and grill for you. A Mexican-Pinoy fusion from Mexican Bulalo to Sweet and Heat Pork bbq!

Unli Dish: Grilled Liempo P249

Choo Choo! Metro Meat express is themed as a railroad train. Their products are freshly made and grilled to perfection!

Unli Dishes: Tanker Longsilog P249 and Crispy Bacon Strips P249

A humble food cart and now branched out as a restaurant, Tokyo Tempura has a goal to sell tempura at a very affordable price!

Unli Dish: Tempira P199

Let’s make tusok tusok at Ball Shack! They offer sweet and savory balls fit for snack or a filling meal.

Unli Dish: Fish Ball P138

Let’s go American with pizza, pasta or ribs at Brick Plate!

Unli Dish: Pasta (choice of flavor) P250

Let’s skip the normal flavored fries and get a Surfries with the various flavors that they offer! From powdered fries to gourmet and torched fries!

Unli dish: Sweet Corn Fries P99

Chixy 9, fried to perfection! “Sarap all the way”

Unli Dish: Buffalo Wings with garlic parmesan/hot buffalo/soy garlic

The most unique cuisine at the park, The Masala Bar offers unique finds at the streets of India in a very familiar choice of food.

Unli Dish: Chicken Tikka Wrap P249

Aside from Chinese food, I believe Japanese food is another choice. Don’t worry Japbox is here to serve you rice bowls, noodle bowls, sushi, wagyu sticks and a lot more!

Unli Dishes: Gyoza with Misono vegetables and rice P199 and Tonkatsu with Misono Vegetables and Rice P289

Okay, let’s watch Wonderwoman while waiting :)

And it’s time to try what these stalls has to offer!

(Tonkatsu with Misono Vegetables and Rice , Japbox)

(Matcha Milkshake, Sweet Nothing), a few calories won’t hurt with these matcha goodness! Get those wafers and scoop those cream!

(Metrolonggaburger,Metro meat express), a longganisa burger topped with cheese, egg, tomatoes and caramelized onions, definitely a must try if you love burgers! The sweet longganisa was well balanced with the creamy texture of the egg and salty cheese!

Okay let’s take a break and accept this Carolina Reaper challenge sponsored by Tolyo’s!They made it extra spicy just for this challenge.

Oh I cried after eating half a stick hahaha! I thought I could take it but as I was biting through the bbq, I started getting tears on my eyes!

( Flaming Rosemary Garlic Bistek, Tolyo’s) was very tender. It was a little bit salty if you eat it on its own so a heaping cup of steamed rice is a good matchy matchy to this dish!

Time to watch the show from Taipei Kita! and when I was in Taiwan, a foodie must always have this torched beef shot at any night market.

(Torched US beef cubes, Taipei Kita), a little bit tough but that’s only because we chose to take a photo of it first. So next time you come, make sure to eat this torched beef immediately as it gets tough when it cools down. Get it with rice, tofu or stir-fried veggies.

(Wrecking Ball, Ball Shack),ball filled with mac and cheese and fried to perfection. Let’s just say this is carbs over carbs!

(Buffalo Wings with Garlic Parmesan and Soy Garlic, Chixy 9), deliciously flavored chicken wings with a finger licking session at the end. No need for rice, let’s be carnivorous once in a while.

(Tempura, Tokyo Tempura )


(Beef Misono Bowl, Japbox)

(Chicken Tikka Quesadilla, The Masala Bar), one of my favorite because I really love quesadillas! There was enough meat on every bite! I was hoping they could slice this into 4 than 8 because the filling is just falling apart.

(Strawberry Shortcake, Sweet Nothing),at one sip, I knew the brand of the ice cream used for this shake haha! I hope they can add whipped cream and some chunks of cake than this cotton candy which collapsed after 5 minutes to give that strawberry shortcake look.

(Baby Back Ribs, Brick Plate) , forget the spoon and fork. Just like chicken wings, this is best eaten with bare hands! It’s messy but who cares? you wouldn’t want to miss a good eating experience!

(Salted Egg Tempura, Tokyo Tempura), and yes salted egg flavored is still out there being craved by many!

(Pulled Pork Pizza, Brick Plate), this is what we liked together with the cheese and honey pizza. Finally, someone is catering to my sweet and salty combination!

(Plant Ice Cream, Taipei Kita), I loved how it tasted homemade and natural. I didn’t feel that it was bought and just transferred to this pot. I liked the chocolate crumbs as it made it a cookies and cream flavor. I hate chocolates but I love cookies and cream!

(California Maki, Japbox), the classic but I want to dip mine with lots of Japanese mayonaise hihi!

(Sour cream flavored fries, Surfries), not so crispy fries with the right amount of powder to cover each piece. Though they have poutine like fries, I prefer my fries only flavored with powder haha!

When you are on a budget and want to have that food trip experience, try Gastropark Infinity for their filling and delicious unli dishes! Also, make sure to bring an umbrella because you will need it to go to the comfort room which is by the way really clean and going to some food stalls.

Gastropark Infinity

1st street Kapitolyo, Pasig City

4pm-12mn Mon

12nn-12 mn Tues-Thurs and Sun

12nn-1am Fri- Sat

“You always have a choice to be happy”


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