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FoodWine, | 10/02/17

The rise of food parks in the metro has changed the way millennial Pinoys hang out, dine and spend their night outs. While restaurants are a staple for food tripping or gathering, food parks offer a different kind of urban street vibe which usually offers food that pairs with beer. The elements of container vans, loud music and modern visual art has attracted the younger millennial crowd in groups because of the ambiance of liberalism, expression and individuality.

Despite the trend, an untapped need is being addressed by Fruitas Group of Companies. While most food parks attract the usual loud and party-goer kind of crowd, a certain population would prefer to have the laid back, more upscale feel, yet not within the confines of a mall. This is their concept behind 150 Maginhawa Food Park.

Right along the infamous Maginhawa street, 150 Maginhawa Food Park distinguishes itself with its simple design—nothing fancy, nothing too loud, nothing over the top. Just a simple, clean, pleasant set-up is all that some people want. I personally like the serene ambiance because it is perfect for intimate gatherings, casual dates and a more upscale Friday night hang out. Its subtle beauty lies in the greenery décor that surrounds the stalls and most especially because of the selection of the stalls that make up the food park.

Let me share to you Katshappyfood’s  top 3 food stalls!

  1. CELLAR 150

What can be more posh than having a wine cellar in a food park? While other people want to get wasted over beer and hard liquor, nothing is fancier than having a wine and cheese night with your friends. It’s a sober way of reconnecting with friends while having meaningful conversations. They offer a wide selection of wines which you can pair with their cheeses. Their Slo-cooked All Beef Pizza is a winner primarily because of the unique crust. Try it for yourself!

Slo-cooked All Beef Pizza – P295 (8 slices)

Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon – P590 per bottle


Who would have thought that food parks would even offer traditional hand-pulled noodles? We usually see those in fine dining Chinese restaurants or those in Binondo. Shou is a distinct addition to the food park that even attracts authentic Chinese to drop by and patronize their food.

Old Beijing Braised Beef Noodles – P145

Braised Sliced Pork – P149

Kutchay Dumpling – P99


At first I thought this was a typical stall that sells the usual pork variants for beer. When I saw their menu, it sells the usual food but with better quality. Everyone has eaten sisig and crispy pata but theirs was different. Their sisig wasn’t greasy at all and was made from grilled pork face mask that was chopped finely into pieces. The crispy pata was oh-so-flavorful and tender that I can appreciate both the crisp skin and the tender and juicy meat. The Piggery did not disappoint at all. It’s a crowd pleaser and my personal favorite.

They also sell large drinks for sharing and other fried meats for an alternate to your usual chicharon.

Crispy Pata – P399 (3-4 persons)

Sizzling Sisig – P220 (3-4 persons)

Three Little Pigs – P350 (3-4 persons)

Strawberry Yakult – P120 (1Liter) | (no 2L yet)

Milo Dinosaur – P120 (1Liter) | P200 (2Liters)

Iced Tea – P100 (1Liter) | P180 (2Liters)

Calamansi Juice – P100 (1Liter) | P180 (2Liters)


Here are the other food finds you can taste and experience at 150 Maginhawa!


T-Bone Steak – P250

Baked Mussels – P180 (1-2 persons)

Liempo – P150


Chagio (Fried Spring Roll) – P180 (good for 2 persons)

Goi Won (Fresh Spring Roll) – P160 (good for 2 persons)

Pho Bo (Beef Noodles) – P190

DZ Diner

Beef Salpicao – P180

Seafood Pesto – P150

Carbonara – P140 (single serving) | P370 (3-5 persons)


Donair – P150

Maple Bacon Poutine – P240 (2 persons)

Canadian Bacon Pizza – P325 (8 slices)

Nanaimo Bars – P50 per piece


The Ultimate Yeah Burger – P299

The Club House – P220 (good for 2 persons)

Bacon Cheese Bites – P130 (good for 2 persons)

Onion Rings – P100 (good for 2 persons)

Mushroom Swiss – P299


Binagoongan Bagnet – P180 w/ rice

Buffalo Glazed Bagnet – P180 w/ rice

Kare-Kare – P200 w/ rice

Original Nilasing na Bagnet – P180 w/ rice

Jelly Shots (strawberry & mango) w/ a kick of vodka – (dessert on the side)


Nachos Pequeno – P125 (1-2 persons)

Pork Taco – P125

Carne Burrito – P175 (good for 2 persons)


Mild Classic Buffalo – P170 (5pcs)

Salt & Pepper Buffalo – P170 (5pcs)

Twisted Metal (Hungarian Sausage Topped w/ Twister Fries) – P145 (up to 3 persons)



Campfire Shake – P160

Cookie Monster – P110

Berry Iced Tea – P100 (2-3 persons)


Classic Churros (Chocolate & Hazelnut Dip) – P150 (2-3 persons)

150 Maginhawa is just one among the many concepts birthed by the Fruitas Group of Companies. To date, it has more than 800 profitable stores across the nation with well-loved powerhouse brands such as Fruitas, the Original Jamaican Pattie shop, Buko Loco, Buko Fruitas, Black Pearl, Fruitas House of Desserts, La Petite Parisienne, Fancie, John Lemon, The Mango Farm, Fruitas Ice Candy, Friends Fries, 7,107 Halo Halo Islands, Le Village Food Park, Jammin Jamaica, Juice Avenue, Cindy’s Candy Cloud, Cellar 150 and Shou.

Be on the lookout as the Fruitas Group of Companies is bound for expansion. They will be venturing into other food parks that will surely cater to every Filipino’s desire for a unique and pleasant food experience.

Watch this short video of 150 Maginhawa! 150 Maginhawa Food Park


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